Custom Lithium Battery Design

  • High Voltage - 1000V
  • Subsea - Pressure Tolerant & Compensated
  • Charger Integration
  • System Integration
  • Custom Battery Management Systems
  • Custom Enclosure Design

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One of the key services that Altertek offer is custom design of Lithium batteries bespoke to customer requirements.

We specialise in designing Lithium batteries that usually have unusual requirements that is difficult to obtain off the shelf such as ultra high power densities, unusual shapes, modular design and custom integration.

We have designed lithium batteries that operate at above 800V and output 200kW continuously as an example of some of our work, but can be split into low voltage modules for ease of transport to test locations.

We can design Lithium Batteries from 1V up to 1000V in any number of parallel configurations to achieve the required performance and have access to Lithium Cells from the worlds top manufacturers.

We can take care of all the mechanical, hardware and software design aspects and even design to ISO26262 for automotive applications.

  • Industrial Energy Storage
  • Hybrid & Electric Vehicles
  • Aerospace, Rail & Motorsport
  • Experimental & Prototype Lithium Batteries

Subsea Batteries

The team at Altertek have completed a project in 2017 which put a high power 800V Lithium battery over 3Km underwater for a subsea application to power equipment.

The Lithium battery was designed into a pressure compensated enclosure which successfully survived testing at simulated 3km depth and temperature which many believe could not be done.

The team designed the entire system from the mechanical holding system, High Voltage Battery Management Systems, charge and discharge control systems and application integration.

As a result we are confident in designing and manufacturing batteries that can survive operation in subsea applications for use on:

  • ROV
  • UAV & AUV
  • Subsea Equipment
  • Submarines & Submersibles

View the Research

Take a look at the summary research paper on our subsea battery management system.

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