Battery Development

High Voltage Lithium Ion Battery (800V)

  • 800V - High Voltage
  • 14Ah Capacity
  • 200kW Continuous Rating
  • Chemistry: LiFEPO4
  • Modular Design
  • Dual Redundant Communications
  • Complete Custom Design
  • Custom Control Software

Aim of the System

Altertek were commissioned to design and manufacture in a record 3 months lead-time, a High Voltage (800V) Lithium Battery capable of discharging continuously at 200kW for a proof of concept design.

The client also required custom communication and control software as well as a bespoke high voltage distributed BMS designed, manufactured, tested, dis-assembled, transported, re-assembled and re-tested all in 3 months. A challenge to say the least!


As there was nothing available on the market that suited all the design constraints, the design team opted for their own design of joining and constraining the prismatic cells.

Due to the way the lithium battery would be integrated and where it had to be tested we created a modular design that allowed the battery to be disassembled and transported safely to its test location.

The high current path needed to handle 200kW continuous so when the voltage dropped we expected to see currents approaching 400A. This posed a challenge to create a system that was modular, safe, reliable but extremely high performance.

The entire mechanical design, manufacturing, software design and hardware design and testing was all performed in-house (Apart from the odd bit of metal bashing)


The nature of the application made it very safety critical so we were tasked with coming up with a custom high voltage distributed battery management system specific to the product that has primary SPI communications with redundant secondary fault signalling to ensure that the product was always in complete control.

We designed a complete software control system that balanced the cells in relation to each other not only per module but also when compared to other modules so the battery was extremely fine tuned to get the high power requirements.

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