Product Development

Subsea Lithium Ion battery powered equipment

The Waveblade was a unique Lithium Ion powered subsea tool designed to be operated by a diver to remove barnacles and other fouling from hulls and subsea structures so inspection and repairs can be made.

  • Lithium Ion powered
  • Sealed for subsea use
  • Hand assembled in the UK
  • Individually pressure tested
  • Small batch quantities

The Waveblade Powershark

The Waveblade was a great product to be involved with and the groups involved were really passionate about its success. We were tasked with actually manufacturing the product and working with the parties to prototype, test and manufacture the designs.

The product was a patented resonance tool powered by a small Lithium Ion battery that could remove barnacles and biofouling without actually removing the substrate or causing any damage, all in all a pretty good tool that got some really good praise.

Manufacturing & Assembly

The Powershark was a second generation tool, the first being powered from a vehicles 12V socket so this version having a Lithium Ion battery we had to ensure absolute quality as sea water and Lithium batteries is never a good mix.

At our facility in Hampshire, UK, we assembled the main product and they were individually tested to ensure that power draw, noise, functional safety, integrity of the IP rating etc were all within expected limits.

The Lithium Ion Battery

The Lithium Ion battery was key to this product as it allowed use away from a fixed power source be it out at sea or in a marina.

The Lithium pack was a bought in unit which we assembled to a bespoke Battery management System, tested and then sealed inside the enclosure.

To ensure users could not get inside and also create a quality robust seal the lid was secured to the base by flaring rivets on a custom made jig.

The Waveblade was attached to the Lithium battery using the latest Souriou waterproof connectors which again were all hand assembled and fully tested.

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