Custom Battery Management Systems

Custom Battery Management Systems

All of our custom Battery Management Systems are designed and tested in-house by our team of highly experienced engineers.

Our background in complex electronic systems means we can design everything, from the system and schematic design, to hardware and the embedded firmware.

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Consultation & Specification

It’s no secret that the key to a great result is really understanding what a customer needs. However, with this relatively new field of electronics it’s not always easy to know what those needs can be.

At the beginning of any project we work closely with our customers to fully understand their requirements. These are then documented in an agreed Requirement Specification which is the key document in ensuring our customers’ expectations are understood by all parties involved in production and the desired outcome is achieved first time.

Battery Management System Design

Our engineers have a wealth of Battery Management System design experience under their belts, from the small and simple right up to high voltage fully distributed systems.

The engineering team will use the Requirement Specification document created at the beginning of the design cycle to make decisions on how best to approach the project. This may involve creating sub-specification documents for areas such as the software or firmware, or the product integration. Each of these sub-specification documents will be eventually used in the verification activities later in the design cycle.

Altertek have a fully certified ISO9001:2015 design and development procedure which helps us to ensure that the final product meets all of the customer requirements. Where the application has demanding standards we can ensure the design is compliant and where necessary implement multiple SIL levels.

We are also able to create designs that are ISO26262 compliant for the automotive sector.

Verification & Validation

All of the products we design have to go through a rigorous verification and validation process.

As part of Altertek’s fully certified ISO9001:2015 design and development process, verification plans are created using any sub-specification documents as the test criteria.

Once a product passes all of the verification activities, a validation plan is created using the Requirement Specification as the test criteria as well as customer input. The product is then tested in accordance with the validation plan, with customers invited to attend or witness remotely.

This process has ensured that all of Altertek’s products achieve a very high standard of design and reliability time and time again.

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