Design & Development

Personal Tracking Bracelet

Perfecting the Tracking Bracelet

Altertek was commissioned to develop the electronics for a Tracking Bracelet / Wristband that a person could wear, allowing the user to be tracked using a smart phone.

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Aim of the System

The intention for this project was to produce a wristband that could be worn by a child, to prevent them becoming lost. The wristband would relay its location via GPS to an app on a chosen smartphone, therefore giving that person the location of the child.

Key Processes

This product also had an electromagnetic lock, only released by the smartphone and the unit itself, incorporated the latest Bluetooth, GPS and GSM/GPRS technology.

Just to add further complexity, the circuit was mounted on a flexible PCB and driven from a Lithium cell, therefore we had to design the power circuit to support the power source.

This was a great concept and we felt privileged to be working on it. That isn't to say it didn't have it's difficulties. We had to resolve several issues with the initial design, in order to complete the successful prototypes.

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