Design & Development

Lithium Ion Battery Charging System

  • Recharge time - 0% to 100%: <4Hrs
  • Max power per channel: 6.75kw
  • Weight: 390kg
  • 6 Channels for simultaneous battery charging

As part of designing and manufacturing a battery system for a manned submersible rescue vehicle (SRV),  the client also required a custom designed battery charging system capable of charging all six battery modules simultaneously.


The battery charging system had to be a self contained unit suitable for mounting in a ships plant room.  The unit had to be designed for marine use, have a graphical user interface and simple push button operation.

The charging system incorporated six EDN chargers which were integrated into the units control systems.


The unit had six individual battery charging channels allowing the entire of the SRV batteries to be charged in simultaneously.

Each channel was monitored by a Bender Line Integrity Monitor for added safety.

The unit had to have simple push button controls and illumination to make operation simple but effective, however the unit had to have numerous safety systems built into the background to allow safe operation.

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