Design & Development

Parallel Torque Assist System


The system is designed to recover power from braking, overrun and provide torque for when the vehicle moves off, reducing vehicle consumption and emissions.

Aim of the System

To reduce vehicle fuel consumption by at least 10% over the FTP75 reference drive cycle using a charge sustaining mild hybrid torque assist system. Built around a 1kWh Lithium Phosphate batterypack and a 10kW peak 4kW continuous Brushless DC Electric Motor Generator.

Key Processes

Battery, BMS, Vehicle CAN bus interface (Started using an interpreter IC (ELM327) and developed to direct CAN bus communication with vehicle ECU to extract control parameters for the hybrid system), Traction inverter control and interfacing, Liquid Cooling system design and proving.


Mechanical and Electrical design of the complete Hybrid system, Vehicle CAN bus investigation and reverse engineering to locate control parameters, prototype validation and development off highway, EMC Validation of sub components and complete system, Vehicle Emissions and Fuel consumption testing on Chassis Dynamometer.

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