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A123 18650 Lithium Iron Phosphate Cylindrical Cell

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    Lithium Ion Nanophosphate Technology

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    3.3V Nominal Voltage

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    14Ah Capacity

A123 18650 Lithium Iron Phosphate Cylindrical Cell

Part Number: AHP14M1Ultra-A



Length 227mm

Operating Temperature Range -30ºC to +55ºC

Width 160mm

Storage Temperature Range -40ºC to +60ºC

Depth 7.25mm

Humidity Check

Weight 510g

Altitude Q.Q

Operating Limits


Nominal Voltage 3.3V

Transport UN 38.3

Max Charge Voltage 3.6V***

EUCAR Level ≤ 4

Minimum Cell Voltage 2.0V***

Max 10 Sec Discharge Current 500A

Continuous Discharge Current Z.Z

Cycle Life >1000**

Specific Power 2700 W/Kg

* Warranty provided if proof can be submitted that the cell has been used in accordance with the manufacturers guidance at all times.

** Based on 100A Discharge Current & 100% DOD

*** Typical values stated, temperature and load effect the values

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  • Hybrid & Electric Vehicles
  • UPS Systems
  • Industrial & Domestic Power Storage
  • Electric Propulsion
  • High Power Portable Equipment
  • Backup Battery Systems

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