Custom Battery Management Systems

Custom Battery Management Systems

Our in-house engineers have a real expertise for designing nothing but the very best Battery Management Systems for industrial and propulsive applications.

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Consultation & Specification

Its no secret that the key to a great result is attention to what a customer needs.
However with this relatively new field of electronics its not easy to know what those needs can be.
Let us work with you and we can guide you through whats available either off the shelf or a complete ground updesign.

BMS Design

Our engineers have a wealth of BMS design under their belts from the small and simple right up to high voltage with all the bells and whistles.
Where the application has demanding standards we can ensure the design is compliant and where necessary implement multiple SIl levels.
We are also able to create designs that are ISO26262 compliant for the automotive sector.

Prototype & Test

At our facility in Hampshire we have a full ESD safe laboratory and some of the latest equipment for manufacturing prototypes and performing testing to demonstrate design compliance.
As we assemble prototypes by hand we can turn around prototypes extremely quickly and make changes with ease.

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