State Of Charge Gauges

State of Charge Gauge | Bulkhead Mounted | 10 LED

The Altertek State of Charge Gauge is intended to be mounted behind a bulkhead that simply connects to the battery and load which through coulomb counting accurately calculates the State of Charge of the battery.

The Altertek SOC gauges has an onboard precision coulomb counter which integrates current through a sense resistor (or external shunt) between the battery’s positive terminal and the load or charger.

Measuring both current and voltage allows the state of charge to be accurately calculated, rather than estimated from the voltage alone. The SOC gauge can give an accurate reading down to 1% accuracy.

State of charge is displayed using 10 coloured LEDs for quick visual indication.

The SOC Gauge features programmable high and low thresholds and the capacity of the battery can be selected by the installer without any additional equipment.

If a programmed threshold is exceeded, the device communicates an alert using the on board LEDs and external alarm contacts so diagnosis of the problem is fast and easy.

The product can be set to be permanently on or display when the onboard button is pressed to save power.

The onboard current sensor can measure a maximum of 25A load or alternatively an external Shunt can be added to measure loads up to 500A.

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Bulkhead Mount SOC PCB

Model GG1117-A



Length 100mm

Operating Temperature Range -40 - +60 Deg C

Width 50mm

Storage Temperature Range 20 Deg C +/- 5 Deg C

Depth 20mm

Humidity 50% RH

Weight 2KG

Product Features


Non Parasitic

Hardware Based Over and Under Voltage Protection check-green

Passive Cell Balancing

Dual Cell Temperature Measurement check-green

State of Charge Indication

Onboard Circuit Temperature Measurement check-green

Fault Indicator

Built in self tests check-green

Balance Indicators

Fail on* check-green

2 x Software Controlled Relay Drivers

* Fail on is still subject to hardware based safety

External Fault Sensor Input

CAN Bus Communication

Operating Limits


Nominal Voltage 12, 24, 36V

Directives: CE

Balance Current 1A Max


Relay Driver Current 300mA Max


Power Consumption 1W


Max Number of cells or strings 12

Standards: EN1111111

Max Serial Voltage 96v


Max Parallel Capacity XXX


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