Li-ion Battery Management Systems (BMS)

Multi Voltage Li-ion Battery Management System

The Altertek Battery Management System (BMS) is the flagship product with multi voltage capability, 1A per cell passive cell balancing and CAN Bus communication.
This has been designed from the ground up by our engineers and has proved to be a great foundation product for custom solutions all manufactured and supported in the UK.

This Battery Management System can work as a standalone battery pack, or can be connected together to form higher voltage (or capacity) systems, which can communicate with one another for optimum system performance.

It is designed as a general purpose BMS and has an optional solid state switching module for the full battery power management. This allows selective control of the charge, discharge and pack current. When connected in parallel with other packs, it also provides reverse current protection and can disconnect a pack when a fault is detected.

The system has a 3 LED onboard voltage based State of Charge to give an approximate SOC reading and fault LED which can be simply connected to an external location from one of the headers for external monitoring.

The system has been designed to be scaled up to XXXV in series and has ZZZohm insulation for protection and will communicate automatically over CAN Bus for complete pack balancing and fault indication.

The system has two 500mA relay drivers which can be used to drive cooling fans or a heating element or any exterior device that can be activated by a relay.

The system has been designed to be draw as little power as possible and as a result has a quiescent current of only YYYYYA making it ideal for long term storage.

The system has been designed with primary software controlled under and over voltage protection with secondary hardware back giving complete redundancy.

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Battery Management System Specifications

Model BMS1132



Length 100mm

Operating Temperature Range -40 - +60 Deg C

Width 50mm

Storage Temperature Range 20 Deg C +/- 5 Deg C

Depth 20mm

Humidity 50% RH

Weight 2KG

Product Features

Safety Features

Non Parasitic

Hardware Based Over and Under Voltage Protection check-green

Passive Cell Balancing

Dual Cell Temperature Measurement check-green

State of Charge Indication

Onboard Circuit Temperature Measurement check-green

Fault Indicator

Built in self tests check-green

Balance Indicators

Fail on* check-green

2 x Software Controlled Relay Drivers

* Fail on is still subject to hardware based safety

External Fault Sensor Input

CAN Bus Communication

Operating Limits


Nominal Voltage 12, 24, 36V

Directives: CE

Balance Current 1A Max


Relay Driver Current 300mA Max


Power Consumption 1W


Max Number of cells or strings 12

Standards: EN1111111

Max Serial Voltage 96v


Max Parallel Capacity XXX


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