After a year of dedication the Altertek engineers have produced a state of the art Battery Management System, capable of managing lithium ion cells and battery packs.

Lithium Ion is quickly becoming the number one choice for rechargeable batteries, due to it being lightweight and having a high energy density. It is therefore continually replacing the less efficient and less eco lead battery, in numerous fields.

A common issue with Lithium Ion is the tendency to over and under charge, thus resulting in decreased battery life or total battery degradation.


The Battery Management System monitors battery charge to prevent the damage caused by over and under charging, giving each cell a longer life span. This can be beneficial on numerous levels; preventing loss of product and the financial repercussions this will incur for companies.

In this respect the Battery Managing System will soon become a necessity with lithium ion technology and Altertek is one of the first to develop an effective system than can be integrated into existing systems.

We believe this demonstrates the true talents of our engineers. They have managed to develop an urgently needed system that is both technically effective and cost sufficient, for an ever changing and often competitive market.

‘We strive for sustainable energy; technology that will preserve our environment, so to produce a product that will contribute to the further development and establishment of Lithium Ion is a real privilege. It is also exciting for us to be at the forefront of its development, determining the future of Lithium Ion and identifying the tremendous potential it has.’

Marc Bunyard | Technical Director

If you believe you could benefit from one of our Battery Management Systems, feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.