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Altertek is one of the UKs premiere custom Lithium battery providers.

We provide custom low and high voltage Lithium batteries, off the shelf and custom Battery Management Systems and custom integration.

Lithium Ion Battery Management Systems

  • Compatible with all Lithium Ion chemistry types
  • UK designed, manufactured and supported
  • Fully user configurable using free AlterVU software
  • Expansion ports to easily add additional features
  • Free to use - no license fee
  • Configure hundreds of BMS parameters
  • View real time battery data

AlterVU BMS configuration software - configure just about any BMS parameter you can conceive, from cell voltages, custom faults, charger parameters, pre-charge limits and even custom CAN messaging.

View real time data from the BMS to help with verification and troubleshooting.

The most advanced BMS configuration software available.

  • We work with all chemistry types - LFP - NMC & LTO
  • We design and manufacture low and high voltage batteries
  • In-house testing
  • Batteries for: Grid Storage - Vehicles - Robots - Drones - Submarines and more

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Why Choose Us?

UK Design & Manufacturing

All of our work is performed in the UK ensuring your designs are safe and secure and updates are only a phone call away.

Outstanding Product Support

We are only a phone call or email away from the people that designed our products. Talk to the experts directly.

ISO9001:2015 Company

We are fully ISO9001:2015 certified meaning our processes and procedures are fully audited and what we deliver is scrutinised giving you complete confidence.

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